About Us… What is Hawthorn Entertainment? Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd. is a UK registered private limited company. Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd operates as an Employment Agency and Employment Business specialising in the Entertainment Industry, working under the terms of the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and the Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (as amended). Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd. is legally entitled to provide services for the purpose of supplying employers with workers (referred to in this document as Artistes). In its capacity as an Employment Agency, Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd is neither an Artiste nor an Employer. It generally arranges engagements between the two parties thus forming contracts between the Artistes and the Employers. Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd may also choose to act as an Employment Business. If it should do so, it will enter into separate contracts with both parties. Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd has other business interests and trading styles in addition to its Employment operation. The Terms and Conditions contained in this publication supplement any Terms and Conditions that may appear on any confirmation notes, contracts or other legal documents relating to any engagement negotiated in conjunction with Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd. Our Office Our office contains a state of the art computer network running on STi , the industry’s leading booking software. We are able to access all agency operations outside our normal office hours at any location via high speed Broadband links at the office as well as home, having full control at all times. All venues and clients can receive the following information and reports at no extra costs: Confirmation lists, Artiste calendars, Statements, Selective artist lists, Vacancy lists, Artiste gig guides, Venue history reports, Inland Revenue for 46R1 printouts, together with a wide range of reports customised for you to simplify your paperwork. We are now, for example, able to send SMS messages direct from each workstation at our office, as well as remote internet connections to our server from home, or whichever member of our team is ‘on call’. This allows us to save many hours per week when confirming artistes, as well as tracking them down if they are late arriving to bookings. Reply messages are received in the form of an email that is picked up by the member of our team that is on duty that night. We are the first agency in Wales to take advantage of this technology! We were also the beta testers for the software developers, Mainline Computers Ltd, and were one of the first agencies in the UK to use their software in 1991, following a personal demonstration at our home after a marathon drive from Yorkshire by the two directors of Mainline at the time. Our computer was then an Amstrad 286, believe it or not! We are currently the only agency in the UK test driving new STi technology! This technology enables us to give you a quick and efficient service. One button access to thousands of acts throughout the UK! We supply free computer generated publicity on our A2, A3 and A4 inkjet and laser colour printers for every booking, together with additional publicity for extra events at your venue.
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Pictures can also be sent to the email address of your choice for newspaper, publisher and other media requirements. Design Department We are able to offer a design service at competitive rates for artiste and venue publicity, logos, web design etc.. With a director having studied Graphic Design at Cardiff College Of Art, becoming Sales Director for a printing firm serving Advertising Agencies, PR Agenies etc…. we offer the following advice! No matter how pretty it looks, if it can’t be read on a passing bus, it’s useless!!! Trade Associations We are members of the Agents Association (Great Britain), and the Federation of Small Businesses, the only agency in Wales to be members of both associations, each of which have a strict code of conduct that members are required to observe. Through our trade associations, we have access to every management, entertainment consultant and agency in Europe. Contacts Your contacts with our head office are Company Directors Anita and Neville Williams, Rachel Williams and Laura Williams. Alan Phillips is our business development officer. All staff are trained to deal with your enquiries, together with artiste liaison duties. Our office manager is Joanne Garrett who has vast experience in the entertainment, public relations, advertising and newspaper industries, enabling her capable of answering and dealing with any enquiries, questions and problems that arise in the day to day running of this office. All artistes are offered by arrangement with the artistes direct or their respective management or agent, and are offered subject to availability. No offer contained herein constitutes a contract. Although Internet copyright law in the UK seems vague, if you wish to use any of the items on this site for your own web site or project, we encourage you to purchase them from the suppliers of these products or services. We reserve the right to intellectual copyright on files posted on our media accounts from material supplied to us by artistes. Images used on this site are supplied and offered to us either directly by the artiste, or their representative with the purposes of obtaining work for that artiste. No audio or video content is embedded in this site.
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