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Comedy Artists
(A small selection)

This section is mainly aimed at clients in our local geographical area, i.e., Wales, Midlands and the South West UK. Artistes are either booked directly, or through their respective management(s).

Other enquiries for tours, cruises, seasons and overseas work will all be contracted again through respective management(s) where applicable.

As we are currently adding to the list of acts in this category, together with more detailed descriptions and pictures, you are advised to click "Refresh" every time that you enter this site

Pictures are displayed as low resolution thumbnails for speed of loading. Higher quality images or photographs / posters can be sent to you or your publisher upon request.

Alternative comedy is not included in this listing; a more detailed roster containing over 600 names is available on request.

If you do not see the act you require, please contact us


Adger Brown
Formerly known as Just Adger, Adger Brown is one of the most versatile comedians on the mainstream circuit of cabaret and variety.

He is well suited for almost any venue or event and is just as much at home in a working mens club or holiday centre as in the most prestigious of venues.

Adger has recently moved back to the south coast and is in a comfortable striking distance of almost any venue in the southern half of the country. Despite Adger's many T.V. appearances, his most recent being on Granada T.V.s "The Comedians" & Channel 4's "The Big Breakfast" he remains extremely good value for money.

Adger is Ideal for your function whether as a comedian or a compere and can bring that bit of magic to an event that makes you remember the occasion.

Adger's T.V. appearances as a Comedian include B.B.C.s Pebble Mill, I.T.V.s Funky Bunker, Granada T.V.s The Comedians and Central T.V.s magazine programme Premiere.

Recently Adger appeared on Channel 4s "The Big Breakfast" and earned the right to advertise "As Seen On The Big Breakfast"

Adger also appeared in 3 T.V. commercials, Macdonalds, Heinz Baked Beans and Olympus Trip cameras which was recorded at St. Pauls Cathedral with Koo Stark, Lord Litchfield, Lionel Blair, George Cole and of course David Bailey.


Al Conway
Kind permission Roger Davies
After Dinner Speaker
A keen football fan and golfer as an After Dinner Speaker he is as topical as todays papers.
Working with people as diverse as Judge James Pickles, Cynthia Payne, Sir Richard Hadlee and George Best.
Al is also an experienced compere or Master of Ceremonies.

A professional comedian since 1974 with summer seasons in Blackpool, Bridlington and Skegness. Forces tours of Germany, Holland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar.
Al appeared in the 1988 television series of "New Faces", followed by theatre work supporting The Drifters and the Three Degrees and more recently has become a regular at the Leeds City Varieties where he appears in "The Good Old Days"
Al also incorporates some clever magic and audience participation into his cabaret act, and can vary his material to suit most audiences be they in the UK, Spain, Cyprus or Corfu.

Al performed magic at Buckingham Palace during the millennium celebrations, doing both close up and cabaret. He recently entertained at the wedding of Tricia Penrose (Gina from Heartbeat).
With a casual laid back manner and quick sense of humour, he mingles easily at corporate functions and promotions performing magic with cards, ropes and newspapers.
Al is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.


Alan Roberts
Alan is an outstanding comedy entertainer from the North East.

Not only is he a very funny man but also a top class vocalist.

He is an accomplished compere and can combine all his talents to provide first class entertainment.


Alan T Smith
Alan is an Exceptional Personality Vocalist now resident in South Wales.

Andy Leach
An act of total comedy combining gags, crazy stunts and madness with a touch of magic to produce an hilarious one man show. As fresh and funny as ever, Andy continues to enthral audiences.

Numerous TV and radio shows are ever increasing his popularity with his crazy comedy appealing to both young and old alike.

Whether it is family audience in a Holiday Centre, a Luxury Cruise, Business Executives at a conference or troops in war-torn Bosnia, Andy is able to adapt his act to suit the occasion perfectly and have the audience shouting for more!

Andy starred on the Royal Variety Show where he was honoured to appear in front of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Duke Of Edinburgh on the occasion of their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Watch It!


Andy Rudge
Andy was described by The Stage newspaper as being one of the finest comedy entertainers in the U.K. today.

It's easy to see why Andy's diary is always full, people just keep re booking him time after time.

Andy is one of the most sought after comedians for the Cruise, After Dinner and Corporate Markets.

With refreshingly funny and topical material Andy has entertained on some of the finest cruise ships in the world.

One cruise director wrote "Some comedians have the audiences eating out the palm of their hand, Andy has taken them for a 5 course dinner!!"

Andy is proud of the fact that he has achieved some of the highest scores ever on cruise ships Satisfaction Questionnaires.

A firm favorite on the after dinner circuit Andy gives them something different. Andy has recently appeared at dinners with Tommy Docherty, Alan Brazil, Steve Perryman, Tony Cottee, Norman Hunter, Mike Cowen, Norman Whiteside, Tommy Smith and many many more.

Former England and Spurs Captain Steve Perryman said, "You are so funny mate, without a doubt the best we've had!"

Some of the companies Andy has worked for include SAGA Cruises, P&O, Fred. Olsen Cruises, Island Cruises, Thomson Holidays and Cruises, Airtours International Sun Cruises, First Choice Cruises, Warner’s Hotels, Grand Hotels, Rotary Clubs all over the UK, Round Table, Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury, Numerous Rugby, Football, Cricket, Bowls, Tennis, Athletic, Rowing, Yacht and social clubs and many more .

Andy is an absolute professional and is held in high esteem by other comedians and agents alike.

Andy has many awards to his credit including:

The Welsh Inter-Clubs Federation Act of the Year
and the prestigious Whitbread Breweries Comedian of the Year.

Book Andy and be sure of a great night’s entertainment.

Austin Knight
Courtesy Paul Bridson
Austin Knight is a scriptwriter and top after dinner comedian on the Northern circuit. He is a very versatile performer with many years’ experience in the business.

Early in his career, Austin Knight was firmly established as a regular support on the cabaret circuit and worked with the likes of Neil Sedaka, Bill Haley, Martha Reeves and many more during the halcyon seventies era, when the cabaret boom was in its heyday.

Towards the eighties, when impressionists became unfashionable, Austin developed a "stand-up" act featuring topical news items of the day, a wry glance at life and also honed to perfection his now famous "Drunk Routine" which is much requested by audiences and organisers alike.

Having also written for TV & Radio, compiled scripts for Tommy Cooper, Les Dawson, and many more, Austin has also appeared in Coronation St, Krypton Factor, Sandbagger, Taggart, Fallen Hero, Crib the Detective, the list goes on and on.

Today Austin concentrates full time as an after-dinner speaker and is able to work either super clean or cheeky, depending on what the audience requires.

In 2004 he played 'The Funniest Man on Earth' in the feature film 'ZEMANOVALOAD'. 2003 gigs included The Cup Final at the Millennium Stadium; pre-match entertainment at Manchester United FC; a four week provincial theatre tour with 'The New Comedians'; many sporting dinners; players testimonials and high profile corporate events for major companies and professional associations nationwide.

With lots of experience in the business, in booking Austin for your function and have confidence that the evening will be enhanced by his hilarious and outrageous view of life itself.

He can either keep it clean or cheeky - depending on what the audience requires.

Watch this brilliant man Live At The Palace Theatre


Billy Hunter
Courtesy Nicola Loyden
Known affectionately as The Coffin Man, Billy Hunter is an original, unique and visual comedy entertainer.

His very funny show tells the story of his life from his conception to his funeral, all visually played out with the most amazing props.

Watch Billy in action


Great Welsh vocal & visual comedy act.

Watch Blitz in action


Bob Webb
Bob is a comedian with many years experience, working top class hotels and night spots both home and abroad.
He is a firm favourite on the after-dinner circuit as a highly successful comedy speaker in his own right, and also at various sporting functions as the comedian working alongside a celebrity speaker.
Bob’s unique, relaxed comedy style, along with some very funny original material is suitable for most occasions. Bob is always in great demand and is regularly seen and heard at corporate golf days and business lunches, as well as soccer and rugby presentations. When engaging Bob, you can be sure of booking a true professional entertainer who has emerged as one of the leading comedians in the U.K.
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Brendan O Brien
Multi instrumental with a dash of the Blarney in his comedy & vocals with infectious humour, the complete party night!

This is the new format for Brendan's act.

He was, of course, for many years the musical heart and comedy foil with 'Tramp & Swank', the UK's top comedy duo.

The finishing of 'Tramp & Swank' has allowed Brenan greater musical licence and opened up his own Irish Blarney style of comedy with great success.


Brian T Williams
Brian T. Williams is an entertainer with a difference – one who combines successfully the visual attraction of a one-man-band together with infectious music, zany comedy and audience participation which make up to one hell of a good night’s entertainment


Ceri Dupree
Ceri has been delighting audiences worldwide for almost 25 years; his unique talents have taken him through musical theatre, pantomime, summer season, television and cabaret. There isn’t an audience (Age or Type!!!) that he hasn’t played to.

He has performed at various major and esteemed venues throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and his birthplace Wales, with numerous appearances at hotels such as The Savoy, The Dorchester, The Churchill, The Landmark and Claridges.
International work has included appearances in Greece, France, Holland, Spain, Germany South Africa and the Seychelles.

On Television, Ceri has wowed the audiences with his four-part television show for ITV1 called “Ceri Dupree Unfrocked”. He has also appeared on numerous chat shows, light entertainment shows as well as hundreds of radio shows and press interviews.

Over the years Ceri has impersonated almost every major female star one can think of, from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, Shirley Bassey to Barbara Cartland, Tina Turner to the UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher!!! He has also sent up Cruella De Ville, Snow White, the Wicked Queen, and Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) during his "Dupree's Disney Diva's". Variety is certainly not dead - we also have Her Majesty The Queen of England, and Jordan. And his newest addition in 2008, Amy Winehouse!

Ceri Dupree is certainly more than a comic in a frock his singing, dancing, acting, impersonation and stand up comedy, display a talent that blasts the notion of “Dressing up in drag” clean off the stage. His shows are elegant, professional and extremely funny, as reviewer once said… "The frocks are fabulous, the wigs wonderful, tThe voice versatility itself, Ceri Dupree illuminates people rather than merely impersonating women, walking a fine line between character and caricature, never being anything less than hugely funny with sharp wit, human perception and high energy!!!"

Future plans include a play about the late great Bette Davis, and a show based on the life of the legendary Danny La Rue (entitled "Don't Miss La Rue"). Plans to open his own Cabaret/Restaurant, called "Dupree's" are well underway, and he has future ambitions to work in Las Vegas and to play the lead in the musical La Cage Aux Folles.

Watch Ceri's Showreel

Charlie Hale
Kind permission Roger Davies
"Hale makes an impression" THE STAGE "Charlie Hale made one of the most bizarre starts to an act I've ever seen, arriving in a dummy mask, He had the full measure of his audience and soon had them eating out of his hand....In addition to being a good gag teller he's got a fair old line in impressions - Nelson Mandela, Chris Eubank, Mike Tyson and that was barely half of it. The audience loved him"

"A Cavalcade of Comics" THE STAGE "working his act from a large Punch & Judy type screen on stage, this talented and very imaginative entertainer brings a new and hilarious comedy idea in presentation. Following a good line in patter, he continued with tremendously funny send up impressions highlighted by an unbelievable interview - Brian Walden meets Bernard Manning! He ended his act with a series of masks and puppets over the top of the screen, all complete with highly comical storylines which had us falling about with laughter".

Since gaining the coveted "Liverpool Comedian of the Year" award in 1990, Charlie has gone from strength to strength,working the length and breadth of the country,including visits to Northern Ireland, Germany,and Spain. His qualities as a stand up comic were showcased in 1992 when Granada TV brought 'The Comedians' back, but his real talents lie in his comedy impressions of politicians, soap stars, pop stars and sportsmen, in particular his superb send up of Chris Eubank, equalled only by Chris himself! Charlie's sheer brilliance has lead to various. TV shows for 1995 including his own ½ hour show on Sky One (15 July 1995)
Charlie's act has already taken the cabaret world by storm and coupled with his own sporting background ( He is an ex boxer and pro footballer,) he has proved a huge success on the After Dinner market. Charlie's flexibility allows him to entertain at the smallest children's party right up to any type of adult audience, and is also available for any acting work that should come along.
Charlie's appeared on five tours with one of the greatest middleweight boxers ever, Marvellous Marvin Hagler. When Iron Mike Tyson fought in England, Charlie appeared on sky sports at the ring side doing impresssions of Iron Mike, Chris Eubank, and Frank Bruno.
Charlie entertains guests at Manchester City on Match day's, as part of their co-operate entertainment package.
Some of the names Charlie has worked with on TV are Beverly Knight, Shola Alma, Ronald Gift,(fine young Cannibals) Heather Small, (M People)Mica Paris, Grace Jones, Robbie Williams on Hanger 17.

Charlie was regular comic on the BBC2 programme A-Force and he wrote one episode of the regular topical feature called "Blouse And skirt".
Listeners to Wire FM 107.2 radio can hear Charlie giving his impressions of Coronation Street, and Beckham in Spain. He also takes part in regular wind up sessions with the popular Century North East radio programmme,"Goffy In The Morning” which his character Nelson Mandela in the North East has become a cult figure.
On the after dinner circuit Charlie works along side big state side personalities as well as household British names. The likes of former world heavyweight champions, Ken Norton, Ernie Shavers, Tim Witherspool, Joe Frazier, Brazilian world cup star Jairzhino, Australian cricketer Dennis Lilly.
The entertainment business has given Charlie an opportunity to work along side his boyhood hero's, such as George Best, Mike Summerbe. Through to some of his hero's of today. Barry McGuigan, and Nigel Benn,and Ricky Hatton.

In conclusion Charlie is always in demand, as he is a clean comedian who does not swear and is the same whether he is entertaining a family audience or five hundred men at a sporting dinner.


Christine Coles
Courtesy Roger Davies
For the past ten years, Christine has certainly earned her reputation as one of the North's most popular, and loved comediennes.

Starting out in her native South Yorkshire, Christine's career began in the Working Men's Clubs; venues that don't like to give male comedians a chance, let alone females.

From this, she learnt to handle any type of audience, always giving back more than she took.

Nowadays, Christine is as at home working in the After Dinner environment as she is treading the boards of the clubs from the Midlands to the North East.

Ladies evenings are a particular favourite, with her anti male humour appreciated by her many female fans.

Christine still works regularly for Pontins during the summer, alongside the clubs and company functions.

Chubby Spencer
Courtesy Julie Crane
The second most outrageous comedian in the world.
He’s crude! He’s rude! He’s shocking! He’s hilarious! He’s Chubby Spencer – the UK’s number one tribute to the most outrageous comedian in the world.

Like Chubby Brown? You’ll love Chubby Spencer.

BEWARE: Foul language! Blue humour! Side-splitting jokes!

Chubby Spencer is the foul alter ego of the delightfully mild-mannered Ollie Spencer – one of the top comedians on the UK circuit.

A stalwart of TV programmes such as New Faces, Tiswas, the Comedians and Seaside Special, Ollie is also a familiar and much-loved face at clubs and holiday resorts across Europe.

Much in demand on the after dinner circuit, his comic talents have also taken him to many of the world’s most exotic destinations as an entertainer on board the world’s most luxurious cruise liners.

A true professional, Ollie is extremely likeable and highly amenable – in fact his real personality is completely at odds with the foul-mouthed Chubby!



Clinton Foggart
Excellent vocal & comedy act from the North East

Colin Price
Wales' king of comedy

Danny Dalton
Superb stand up comic from Mid Wales

Dave Betton
Courtesy Tanya Walker
Dave is one of those rare talents, a Manager’s dream, he is an outstanding vocalist, mimic and comedian - plays a mean guitar and can handle with ease audiences of all ages and types. This experience has been gained in more than a dozen Blackpool summer seasons, each of twenty weeks or more Triumphant cabaret seasons at all the uk’s top venues and international cabaret in South Africa, Australia - his 7th trip sold out within weeks Dave’s act is a pot pourri of all that is best in cabaret entertainment and on or off stage he is the ultimate professional


Dai Reynolds
Totally Off The Wall Welsh vocal & comedy star. From power ballads to Queen, Riverdance to Tina Tutner. So many props that the stage looks like a charity shop.


Dave Deveraux
International vocal & comedy impressions star

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David & Lang
Sensational vocal & comedy show featuring Keith David & Dennis Lang

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Dennis Lang
Award winning Welsh comedy star with a superb singing voice, together with his partner "Blodwyn The Adorable Sheep"

Listen to Dennis


Dickey Heart


Dickey Mellor
Born in Manchester Dickie is now based in the South West but travels extensively throughout the UK & aboard.

He started out in his career as a Redcoat for Butlins were he caught the entertaining bug. Over the past 15 years he has succeeded in many areas of entertainment both in the UK & overseas.

Dickie learnt his trade working as a resident presenter and then as entertainments manager in Holiday Centres and hotels in the UK before moving abroad to entertain in the Canneries & the Balearics.

Then followed a spell as a radio presenter & producer for local independent radio before in 2002 he decided to take his cabaret on the road fulltime in order to pursue his love of comedy.

Since then his unique brand of zany, action packed comedy has seen him travel the length and breadth of the British Isles, performing for many prestigious companies.

Gary Marshall
Kind permission Roger Davies
Being a third generation comedian, (his father is Jimmy Marshall and his Grandfather was the famed Scots comedian Jock Duncan), Gary has been surrounded by comedy for as long as he can remember. As a young man he spent many hours watching many of the great comedians working, so it was a natural progression for him to enter the hard world of making people laugh.

Gary decided to enter the business the way of many now famous entertainers, and became a Butlins Redcoat, which of course is one of the best groundings for learning to "work and feel an audience".

From these beginnings Gary has progressed to Summer Shows, Pantomime, Cabaret and now After Dinner Comedy.

He has played Brokers Man in Cinderella, Simple Simon in Jack & The Beanstalk. He has played Music Hall at Newmarket Cabaret Club and the famed Savva's Country Club.

Gary has also supported many name acts and has worked at Wembly Conference Centre, Sheffield City Hall, Ritz Theatre, Lincoln, Sunderland Empire, along with many Civic Halls throughout the Country.

Gary has also worked many Cabaret and Working Mens Clubs along with Summer Shows in Mablethorpe, Skegness and Bridlington.

A good, young, stand-up patter comedian, with the added ability of having a good singing voice which he has put to good use in the many production shows he has been part of, Gary has a great future ahead for he has just recorded for the new series of Sky TV's "Stand & Deliver", to screened August 2nd 1996.

Gary made an appearance on Jonathan Ross's "Big Big Talent Show". Whilst Gary was beaten into 1st place, by a "pregnant singer", he did make a big impact which has resulted in many more engagements.

Gary has topped the bill at Rotherham Civic Theatre in Panto. Playing Simple Simon for the 2nd successive year.

Gary has also been heavily featured on the new series of "The Comedians"


Hal Bayer


Courtesy Steve Leatham
Rob & Darren are two brothers who have built up quite a reputation in the world of show business. They virtually grew up in theatres and coming from a comedy background it was inevitable that the lads would inherit the same comedy humour.

The lads haven’t always worked together; Darren was bitten by the music bug and travelled the World with his own band – Hitchcock Railway and The Kid – whilst Rob concentrated on his solo vocal/comedy show up and down the Country.

The lads got together one night in 2000 at a charity event at The Bistro French in Preston, UK.

Since that day HARPER have gone from strength to strength. After appearing at the Stage Showcall Showcase, the Stage newspaper wrote that the lads were ‘One of the highlights of the evening’.

The boys were next asked to perform at the legendary North Pier Theatre in Blackpool with Joe Longthorne and then, with their reputation growing and growing they toured with Joe and supported one of Britain’s funny men, Freddie Starr. They also appeared on tour with their friend Johnny Casson.

Harper Brothers’ diary is now getting fuller and fuller, regularly working for Pontins, Warners, Butlins, Park Resorts and Thompson Gold. They have even presented a TV Pilot show called Bands In Transit. They have worked many times for P & O on their ships, The Oreana, Ociana, Aurora, The Arcadia, as well as many overseas engagements.



Herbie Adams
Courtesy Clare Aarons
Writing his own comedy is Herbie’s main strength.

The show has taken him up and down the country and all around the world, performing in theatre, functions and cruise liners.

He is very much a live performer, appearing in his very half hour show for sky television.

Herbie’s unique cross-over style combines musicianship, characters, one-liners and observational humour, making him one of today’s most sought after and original comedy performers in the UK.

“A very gifted & funny Comedian, whose sureness of touch & natural likeability could be a trump card in the highly serious & competitive game of Stand Up Comedy"
The Stage Newspaper


Herbie James
Kind permission Roger Davies
Herbie, who originally hails from Northampton, spent many of his early showbiz years as a Pontins Bluecoat - progressing to Entertainments Manager.
Upon leaving Pontins in the 1970's he set out on a solo career as a vocalist who could introduce a little comedy to his act. This led him to play most of the major cabaret venues, of which there were plenty, and the usual club circuits in Scotland, North East of England, Midlands, South Yorkshire etc.
Since those early days Herbie has played many summer seasons including major shows in Blackpool and Newquay. Herbie has also played several seasons in Malta and Spain, and has also worked for leading cruise lines.
Herbie, who has an amazing resemblance to the late "Don Estelle" (BBC's Ain't Half Hot), found over the years that his vocal talents took a back seat to make way for the comedy, some unusual impressions and in particular his ability to speak in many dialects. This latter skill led to several television roles the most notable being BBC TV's "Making Out".
An ideal comedy entertainer for mixed cabaret functions or all male dinners, where a clean comic is required. Herbie is not a stag comedian nor does he resort to the use of language to gain laughs, relying purely on his material and his skill in delivery.
Available for After Dinners, Cabaret, Theatre etc.
ADS&C Ltd are the Sole WorldWide Representatives for Herbie James

Courtesy IMA
Housequake are without doubt the country's most risque comedy showband. They feature hilarious routines from Riverdance, Steps, Michael Jackson & The Corrs. Hip dance material includes Boyzone, 911, Robbie Williams plus up to date chart material

Watch Housequake's Showreel

Ian "Sludge" Lees
Courtesy Julie Crane
Following a well-trodden path, Ian started his show business life with two top comedy show groups of the 70's - The Montanans and Light Fantastic - before making the break as a solo artiste.

'Sludge', as he is affectionately known in the business, was twice voted Midlands 'Comedian Of the Year' and came runner up to Tom O'Connor in the Club Mirror Awards.

Soon the small screen beckoned. Sludge became a regular member of the Tizwas cast and followed this with regular appearances on shows such as 'The Comedians', 'Summertime Special' and 'Live From Her Majesty's', to name but a few. A very funny guy.

Ian 'Sludge' Lees has been voted twice for the Midlands Comedian of the year and came runner-up to Tom O’Connor in the Club Mirror National Awards. In 1992 Ian gained national fame when he appeared with great success on Granada TV’s The Comedians.

Ian is currently in much demand both as a cabaret act and also as an accomplished after dinner speaker specialising in Sporting Functions, particularly his personal favourite football and golf.


Ian Jones
Courtesy TED Artistes
This deranged 60 minute comedy show has been carefully crafted following many years work with notable principal roles in Qdos pantomime productions. Follow the journey of this show as it explores some stunning comedy moments such as the highly acclaimed 'Bohemian Rhapsody', Evans' theory on weightlifting, shopping with your wife, walking his dog 'Brian' and arguments with women. Ian's show tells how he uses comedy to 'Fix' people, singing the classic Coldplay track 'Fix You'. This wacky off the wall comedy show will have you roaring with laughter and rolling in the aisles. An unforgettable experience. All enquiries for Wales will be directed through TPA.
See Ian's site


Jack Daniels
Top Swansea based vocal & comedy star


Jack Dooly
Jack Dooly, in a nutshell, a very funny man, an excellent voice, and many years in the entertainment industry. Jack discovered his flare for comedy many moons ago, he went on to create this zany, sharp witted, energetic and very funny character we know today as Jack Dooly.

With his added ability to deliver superb vocals, and carrying the best in sound and lighting equipment, it soon becomes clear why he has become one of Wales' most sort after popular entertainers.

With the professionalism to be completely versatile, he is able to perform a One Hour Belly Aching Comedy Spot, or the traditional Two Forty Five Minute Spots.

With a Comedy Cabaret set to accommodate any audience, and a Singing Dance spot to finish the evenings entertainment, Jack Dooly is the ideal choice for an evening of fun filled professional, energetic entertainment.

Jack is available in three sizes. Firstly there is the Family version, then Totally Mad, and last there is Total Tazmaniac.

Please specify your size when booking.

He has been strutting his stuff on the Club Circuit for many years, during this time he has gained tremendous popularity, with every year he grows from strength to strength, delivering something a bit different, hilarious, zany, but professional performances wherever he goes.

2003 proved to be a very successful year for Jack, with many appearances at top venues across the country.

He made his TV debut – courtesy of ITV’s ‘Classy Acts’ Programme.



Jed Stone
Jed has appeared many times on T.V. and Radio, including Sky T.V.’s “THE NEW COMEDIANS”, Central T.V.’s “JOKER IN THE PACK” with Marti Caine, and “POT OF GOLD” with Des O’Connor, “MY KINDA PEOPLE” with Michael Barrymore, as well as many credits on Radio Merseyside and BBC Radio Lancashire.

His energy combined with lightening quick ad-libs and topical bang up to date material ensure that every event is always a huge success, make Jed one of the most sought after comedians in the country.

Jed is unique in that he can turn his hand to anything in comedy, this led to him appearing at The Labour Party Conference in Blackpool 2002.

He can personalize his material especially for the customer, which is why he hired regularly by some of the U.K.’s biggest blue chip corporate companies including The Royal Bank Of Scotland, British Telecom, Allied Dunbar, to name but a few.

By the way, who remembers where the name originated on a popular TV soap?

Watch Jed

Jeff Alvey
Off the wall North East comedy act now based in South Wales. A superb visual presentation, not to be missed!!!!!!

Jimmy Tamley
Jimmy has been delighting his audiences with his special skills since the tender age of 12, when his parents innocently bought him a dummy for Christmas! His tremendous talent for voices and excellent comedy and characterisation is the key to his quality. The hilarious cross talk between the dummies regularly produces gales of laughter, wild applause and standing ovations! Jimmy has a wide range of characters including Knuckles the biker, Ernie the miserable old man, Rufus the monkey and the Underweight Boxing Champion of the world, Lightening Les. This enables Jimmy to tailor his act accordingly to suit each audience and venue. Jimmy spent the early years perfecting his act on the UK cabaret circuit in the many clubs and venues around the country. Every year he attends the Ventriloquist Conventions held both in Kentucky and Las Vegas, USA and was honoured to have been asked to sit on the International Panel representing the UK at the 2002 Kentucky convention in July followed by a performance in front of 600 of his fellow ventriloquists! He was also invited to appear at the 2003 Festival of Ventriloquism in Las Vegas.

Watch Jimmy!!!!!!


Jo Little
Courtesy Mal Ford
Not only a very funny lady but also a great vocalist and musician i.e. piano and organ.

JO LITTLE came to the notice of Mal Ford when word was passed, via The Stage Newspaper, about this lovely comedienne when their reviewer actually actioned a revue of her shows in the North of England’s clubland and holiday parks.

In fact, Mark Richie (The Stage Reviewer) actually wrote some wonderful reviews having witnessed the standing ovations after Jo's shows.

JO LITTLE, who actually started out as a DJ and then had all the groundwork as a very successful vocalist was soon to find that her comedy took prime place on all her gigs – hence after much easy debate – the decision was made COMEDY FIRST !!!

JO LITTLE the Comedienne will be appearing as support to British Legend Joe Longthorne on some of his UK theatre tour.

LOOK OUT FOR JO LITTLE!!!! - small in stature, huge in Personality.


Johnny Dimes
Superb all round Welsh vocal and comedy entertainer - suitable for any event.

Listen to Johnny


Johnny Wager
Kind permission Roger Davies
Johnnie made his name after many appearances on the 70's series of "THE COMEDIANS" when he worked with many, now legendary, names.
Since that time, Johnnie has worked most of the major cabaret venues throughout the country, such as the Golden Garter and Poco - Poco, which have now sadly closed their doors. He has also toured major theatres supporting such stars as Jack Jones Jnr, Gene Pitney and numerous others.
Well used to adapting his style of comedy to suit a variety of audiences, from Working Mens clubs to After Dinner functions, Johnnie is a particular hit on Golf dinners; indeed, Johnnie plays off a respectable 9 himself.
Johnnie can handle any engagement that is thrown at him; a workhorse comedian with a wealth of experience, and a quit wit in one line gags.
ADS&C ltd are the sole representatives for Johnny Wager


John Lory

John has been a professional comedian for over twenty years, performing at most of the leading cabaret venues throughout the country including clubs, all the major holiday chains and leading theatres.

He has performed to audiences in over 30 countries, including South Africa, Australia and Dubai, and has written and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

John has been a regular headline act for Carnival Cruises, entertaining American and Canadian audiences.

Now a regular on the after dinner scene, John delivers tailor-made material in his own unique style, becoming one of the most sought after comedians on today’s circuit.

He is one of the few comics able to bridge the gap between alternative and mainstream humour adjusting to any situation from family friendly to adult.

Watch John performing his adult show on the Carnival Legend in June 2013


Just Deb
Great Wales based comedy star who is blessed with a superb voice.


Universally acknowledged as one of the top Welsh comedy entertainers, Kane has appeared at the highest levels including Top UK Holiday Centres for major operators in the UK and abroad, 5 Star Hotels throughout the world including Las Vegas, as well as the major Casino venues.

Kane has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Bonnie Tyler, Roy Walker and Roger De Courcey to name but a few…

Kane’s 100 mph show can adapt to all audiences, from ladies nights, after dinner, presentation nights to “Show Of The Month” for social clubs.


Kevin Kaye
Scottish vocal & comedy star now settled in South West England.
Always in demand.
Watch Kevin sing Hello Again
Look at a bit more Kevin Comedy
Have a bit more

Lee Lard
It is no secret that over the past 3 years, Lee Lard has become one of the most successful comedy acts in the UK with his outstanding tribute to Bolton's funny man Peter Kay.

With an uncanny resemblance to Peter Kay and his own natural comic talent, Lee has gained a popularity that most comedians can only dream of. From Leeds to London, Manchester to Majorca, Lee's unique one-hour comedy extravaganza is a 'sell-out' wherever he goes.

The Show:
Delivering his own hilarious 'Peter Kay' style of stand-up, Lee appeals to audiences of all ages. Well known catch phrases such as 'garlic bread' and 'cheese cake' obviously make an appearance during the show, as does 'Brian Potter' from 'Phoenix Nights' and 'Max' from 'Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere'. Yes... complete with wheelchair and attitude, Lee brings the popular Brian Potter character to the stage where no-one escapes his sharp tongue and quick wit!

Lee Lard - Peter Kay Tribute is a fully self contained show with a running time of 1 hour plus encores. Complete with stage banners, backdrop, costume changes and props, it is guaranteed to satisfy even the most avid of Peter Kay fans.

Lenny_Dee_new_ April_ 2015_opt.jpg

Lenny Dee
Over the last few years, "Lenny Dee" has established himself as one of the most sought after entertainers on the cabaret circuit today. Based in South Wales, he has worked extensively on television and radio, as well as top venues both home and abroad.

His recent trips abroad have included:
The gulf hotel chain in Bahrain,
Leading cabaret venues in the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, and Cyprus.

Lenny has appeared with many television personalities such as:
Mike Reid, Tom O'Connor, Eammon Holmes, and has recently recorded a Television show due for transmission winter 2006 for Sky TV at Jethros club in Devon.
With his unique blend of comedy and song, Lenny Dee will get you rocking with laughter!

Listen to a sample

Watch Lenny part 2
Watch Lenny part 3
Watch Lenny part 4

Lloyd Davies 2011 90105.jpg

Lloyd Davies
Top line Welsh comedy & vocal entertainer, Lloyd was part of the comedy duo 'Rosser & Davies', 'Opportunity Knocks' winners.

Also a talented songwriter, he has featured on albums with Welsh comedy stars including Owen Money.

Listen to Differences Between The English And The Welsh

Martin Gold
Kind permission Roger Davies
Over the past years Martin has fine-tuned his act from pure stand up comedian to the After Dinner market. Able to deliver his speech without a trace of smut or foul language, he can also tailor his act to suit the particular client if needed and has also presented a host of corporate videos and is a popular choice for TV warm up work when required.

As a Comedian, Martin Gold’s professional career started over twenty years ago as a stand up comedy impressionist. He quickly progressed into stand up comedy, and subsequently became a big hit with the theatre audiences.

Martiin Gold has supported such names as Ken Dodd, Les Dawson, Gene Pitney, Tammy Wynette and many more, Martin also toured with legends Mickey Rooney and Al Martino. Four seasons topping the bill in Jersey, and three in Newquay, and manyseasons headlining for Warner Holidays and Stakis Hotels. Martin was on his 2nd tour with Gene Pitney when Gene sadly passed away.

Martin is always immaculately dressed and carries a very professional attitude towards the event. He is a very amicable person both on and off stage but with a quick comedy mind.

“Everybody I spoke to commented on what an enjoyable evening they had had without a “Blue” word being spoken. I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending you.” Kevin Evans, Nottinghamshire County CC.

“I am writing to you in appreciation of Martin Gold’s efforts and, in particular, congratulate him on a good clean performance. His act was well balanced without any vulgarity, swearing or smutty comments - well done and many thanks.” DC Hill, Humberside Police.

“A star in the making, one of the best things to happen to Jersey.” The Stage & Television Today.

“Top class comedy entertainment - dispatched a battery of jokes gratefully acknowledged by the audience which he had eating out of his hand almost as soon as he came on stage..” The Stage.
Martin’s ability to deliver a corporate speech to a corporate audience makes him one of the most popular and busiest after dinner speakers on the circuit today.

ADS&C Ltd are the sole worldwide representatives for Martin Gold

Matt Slack
Superb comic from Devon

Mel Blake
Superb North Wales comedian who featured on our TV showcase Classy Acts. Mel is featured on the second programme of the series. All acts that featured in this programme are solely represented by Hawthorn in South Wales.


Mick Munro
Courtesy Roger Davies
International Comedian really says it all; Mick, a native of Middlesborough, began his career as a professional drummer, working with top entertainers and comedians before turning to comedy in 1991.

Since becoming a full time comedian; Mick has entertained all nationalities across the globe, working in hotels, desert oil camp installations and on cruise ships, for top UK holiday companies.

On the national scene Mick has entertained in club cabaret, holiday parks, television warm-ups and for local radio.

On a live transmission broadcast to British military bases around the globe Mick was heard not only in the UK but in Belize, Germany, Cyprus and Hong Kong.

Whilst Mick originally began as a stag comedian, he has proved very successful on the After Dinner Circuit, in particular as one of the few comedians to entertain at Boxing Dinners.

Mick has also toured and appeared with Freddie Starr, The Stranglers, Bobby Davro & Tony Handley

Mervyn_Jaye_ 2015_opt.jpg

Mervyn Jaye
Mervyn Jaye is a brilliant comedy impressionist. His talent is an instant, uncanny transformation - both vocally and visually, - Hollywood legends, musical stars, film characters (especially Inspector Clouseau) current TV characters etc.

He was a winner on ‘New Faces’ in 1986, and other TV appearances include: - * Tom O’Connor Roadshow * The Next Step * Summer in the City * Who Do You Do etc.

Mervyn has toured extensively abroad and appeared on major cruise lines. In this country he has appeared on theatre tours, as well as at top society functions, including a Royal TV Society Dinner and is also regularly seen on Jethro’s videos.

Have a look

Mick Walker
Courtesy Jake Elcock
Mick is a fascinating character with a wealth of show business experience. In the 60’s he worked in various bands such as The Redcaps playing bass and gradually introducing his own brand of stand-up comedy into the shows.

In 1966 Mick managed Birmingham’s famous “Rum Runner Club” where he produced and presented shows with such artists as Tom Jones, The Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry and Lulu to name but a few.

In 1969 Mick formed his own Comedy Jazz Trio doing a 10-month season at the Pigalle Club in London’s Piccadilly and then touring the British Cabaret Circuit. During this time, due to is long standing interest and participation in Amateur Boxing, Mick started to fit in film and T.V. stunt work whenever possible.

After finishing a cabaret season on the Cruise Liner QEll, which sailed from New York to the Caribbean, the trio returned to Britain where upon Mick suffered serious injuries falling from a cliff in the North of England, and the act broke up. After six months in the hospital Mick went into the rock band management and production industry in England and Europe and eventually South America, where he spent 2 years based in Bogotá Columbia. He returned to England in 1976 and began working for John Reid Enterprises as personal bodyguard for Elton John, Freddie Mercury and Kiki Dee. Mick moved to Spain’s Costa Del Sol in 1982 as head of entertainments for the Pontinental Holiday Circuit.

Two years later Mick moved back to England working as a stand-up comedian and doing various. T.V shows for the BBC with Tom O’ Connor doing comedy character parts, and working the cabaret circuit until 1987 when he returned to Spain and successfully managed various hotels and clubs. Mick is now back in Britain and is in great demand on the corporate/after dinner circuit specialising in sporting dinners.

Mike Doyle
International TV comedy star

Mike Kelly
Kind permission Roger Davies
Mike must be one of the only (few) stand up comedians with letters after his name (ACII ACIB.) after he qualified at an early age as an Insurance Broker and dealt with accounts for many large industrial organisations.
Tiring of paperwork ( in the days before VAT) and still young, Mike decided to send his wife out to work and to start from scratch as a stand up comedian in the Northern Clubs.
He has worked most of the top cabaret venues for example Batley Variety Club, Wakefield Theatre Club etc. and won numerous clubland awards with fast ad libs being his forte. Several successful Summer Seasons in popular resorts like Blackpool and Newquay have added to his reputation, as have his regular work for Butlins, Pontins and several large Breweries, as well as the hundreds of companies that have used his services for various corporate functions.
Recently he has become much sought after nationwide for his After Dinner comedy act, whilst at the same time playing many feature roles in various television shows.

Mike Lancaster
Mike is a family friendly comedian that can be a little on the naughty side when required, although he does work best with an adult audience.

He is your more traditional comedian with a quick repartee and thrives on interaction with his audience. His style is a mixture of observational comedy with very funny and classic one liners.

As the late Bob Monkhouse did, Mike can turn his hand to all kinds of subjects and make you see the funny side of them.


Nicky Smiles
Top Welsh vocal comedy star, son of the legendary "Kenny Smiles" Nicky has appeared at most major venues throughout the UK, as well as being a favourite face on the cruise and holiday hotel circuit.

Back to Top

Nigel Dee
Superb Welsh vocal and comedy act


Noel Brodie
Brilliant comic that bridges the gap between mainstream and alternative. He's currently doing TV warm up work, together with flying all over the Med for Thomson. In 2009 he headlined Haven's "Make Em Laugh" tour.

Sensational visual comedy star from the North East

Ollie Spencer
The new century has been a great time for Ollie as he has won not just one but three comedy awards adding to his long list of achievements in the world of comedy.

Ollie has built a solid reputation as a reliable funny man who always gives 100%.

His off stage manner and demeanour makes him great company in a social situation.

His TV credits include 7 consecutive appearances on Granada TV’s original “The Comedians”, Scottish TV’s “Patter Merchants”, South West TV’s “15/40 Show.”

With Nick Owen (Ollie was asked back 3 times – something of a record!).

In his rock ‘N’ roll days Ollie was the drummer with cult band The Idle Race that also featured Jeff Lynne of ELO fame.

At this time Ollie was known as Roger Spencer and Ollie was a nickname that has stayed with him. He has remained firm friends with Jeff Lynne

In his career Ollie has done so many varied things including Rock ‘N’ Roll bands working with many major bands i.e. The Beatles, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Moody Blues and of course ELO (which in the early days also featured Roy Wood) etc. In 1980 Ollie left the music scene and his solo career took him into T.V. working as a “warm-up man” on Tiswas & The Premiership, The Eamon Holmes Sports Programme and on shows featuring Jimmy Cricket, Gary Wilmot, etc.

Ollie has become a very popular after dinner comedian, with his easy delivery of both observational and topical material. His scrapbooks are full of many memories of some of his fellow speakers from Jonah Loma to Jack Charlton, Best to Law, Bayfield to Cowdrey, Willy John McBride to The Honourable Dennis Howell plus many, many more.

Ollie is a great asset to any occasion and looks forward to helping to make your function a memorable one.


Owen Money
Owen Money hails from Merthyr Tydfil in the South Wales Valleys.

He started his career in show business as a bass guitarist and lead singer with the pop group The Bystanders, who had hits including '98.6' in the 1960s on the Pye label. Fellow members were Micky Jones (see link), Clive John, Ray Williams, Jeff Jones and vocalist Gerry Braden - guess who that was!!!

In the 1970s he formed the original comedy band Tomfoolery, which became one of the UK's most successful comedy show bands, often topping the bill at Blackpool South Pier.

1980 saw the launch of his solo career, soon winning the Club Land Comedian of the Year award, performing alongside Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones.

1987 saw his debut on Radio Wales with his weekly programme Money For Nothing.

In 1997 he won two prestigious Sony Gold Awards, one for regional broadcaster of the year, and the other for best music sequence programme.

In addition to his broadcasting on Radio Wales Owen hosted the talent show Just Up Your Street on BBC One Wales.

Owen was awarded the MBE in the 2007 New Year's Honours list.

Watch him with his band

Owen Money & The Travelling Wrinklies
Sole agency representation
The Travelling Wrinklies
was formed through a passion of Owen Money and the five piece band members who share the love of live entertainment and the revival of the music of the 60’s...

As five strong voices blast out hits from the likes of the ‘Four Seasons’, the ‘Beach Boys’, the ‘Hollies’ and the ‘Beatles’, to name but a few,you will be catapulted back to this fantastic era of sharp dressing and fabulous listening as well as the dancing!

Owen Money has reincarnated probably the best harmony band in Britain in the 1960s of which he was the lead singer, The Bystanders;… with him again being lead singer and the fabulous Dick Thrust on lead guitar, Ken O'Beans on Bass, Juan King on Drums, and the amazing Captain Chaos on Keyboards; four of whom enjoyed touring Europe in the 70’s and 80’s with the successful ‘Taffy Apple’.

The band now features the amazing Sammi Broad on vocals, giving this band an exciting new dimension.

Since his days with The Bystanders, 60s music stayed in Owen's blood and it was during ‘Owen Money's American Tour’ in 1998 that this flame ignited once more; after personally meeting and interviewing true legends like Carl Perkins, The Crickets, The Temptations and The Mamas and Papas, covered by BBC 1 he knew he needed to bring this magic back to the stages of Wales.

The unique comedy and wit of Wales' King of Comedy ,now with the Travelling Wrinklies at his side, not to mention the additional presence of ‘The Twinklies’, a three-girl harmony trio introducing the additional music of The Crystals and Chiffons;

This is going to be one night to remember-because as a famous 60s singer said.. “If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren’t really there!”

Paddy Greene
Kind permission Roger Davies
Known as the Comics' comic, this zany Irishman is overflowing with a talent for making people laugh. Like the late Tommy Cooper, a naturally funny man.
Paddy's act is full of vitality, he uses so much energy that he is usually physically drained at the end of a performance, and uses every available inch of space, and anything to hand as a prop.
Much of his material is fresh and topical, even old stories take on a complete new angle with Paddy's unique approach. In fact Paddy is so imaginative that you will probably never see him perform the same act twice!
He is a great favourite with Jim Davidson, who never misses an opportunity to use Paddy on his special shows. After appearing on Summertime Special, in 1989, the LWT staff immediately booked him back for their Christmas party, and then again for the year following. A high accolade indeed.
After many years of persuasion, Paddy finally presented his talent at a Sportsman's Dinner - the result was a standing ovation - PADDY GREENE had exploded onto the After Dinner Circuit.
Many more bookings followed, along with more ovations, and 1993 saw Paddy establish himself as one of the most sought after comedy speakers.1994 saw Paddy expand his following through the many requests to appear in the South of England where demand exceeds the available dates.
ADS&C Ltd are the sole worlwide representatives for Paddy Greene


Paul Dazeley
Top Welsh vocal and comedy star. Ex front man with "The Blackjacks"


Paul Levent
Paul Levent is slick, well presented and served with a generous helping of laughter.

Mention the word “ventriloquist” and it brings to mind a handful of names.

Amongst the even smaller number of great ventriloquists you will find the name PAUL LEVENT, known throughout the world of entertainment, not only as a technically superb ventriloquist, but also a hilarious stand-up comedian. However, it is with his larger than life characters. Syd & Gladys Winkle, that we usually associate Paul.

Internationally acclaimed in cabaret, TV and theatre, receiving many coveted awards and has been applauded by his peers throughout his career.

Reviews of his act regularly include comments like ‘brilliant’, ‘Outstanding’, and ‘The Master’. Indeed Paul is a Master of his art.

His comedy timing, material and skill, not only as a ventriloquist, but also as a quick-fire stand-up comedian all combine together with a special tailoring for After Dinner Entertainment to make Paul a truly great entertainer.

Peter Baffles
Sensational comedy magic act from Torquay. Alhough we have included a link to Peter's site where you can click on Magic Online to see some amazing tricks, all enquiries from this site should be directed through this office.


Phil Butler
Great comic, not to be missed!

Robin Good
Top Yorkshire vocal, comedy and multi instrumental act


Rod Beech
Superb Midlands comic


Rod Stevens
Welcome to the amazing world of Rod Stevens possibly the UK's number one Comedy Stage Hypnotist.

Rod Stevens Hypnotic shows are hilarious and Rod's trance inductions are very fast.

This hypnosis comedy show is the best around being clean and humorous without being blue. Rod shows contain, mystery, magic and are great entertainment which are guaranteed to stretch your mind and make you laugh.

So book early for this top UK Hypnotist. He is the comedy Hypnotist your venue or function needs. You will have the audience talking about Rod Stevens Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show for a long time.

Rod's hypnotism is the funniest journey into the mind you will ever take

Rod's top quality cabaret act is ideal for:

Social Clubs
Football Clubs
Rugby Clubs
Hotels & Theatres
Military Establishments
Corporate functions & Parties
Universities & Colleges - Freshers Fortnight Headliner!
Holiday Centres & Caravan Parks

Shows generally last for 1 to 2 hours depending on the function's requirements.

Rod is based in Cardiff and does shows all over the UK and has also toured around the globe.

Watch Rod on tour at Newquay, Cornwall 2008
Rod Stevens 1
Rod Stevens 2
Rod Stevens 3
Rod Stevens 4

Roger Hobson
Courtesy Julie Crane
Roger comes from the highly popular comedy group of the 70’s Hobson's Choice.

The group eventually split up and in 1981 Roger formed a comedy duo with lead man called Hobson & Choice.

The duo were tremendously successful throughout the 80’s and early 90’s until Barry moved down South in 1992 to take up hotel management, and Roger took up a career as a solo comedian calling himself aptly ‘Roger Hobson’.

Since then Roger has done extremely well appearing in cabaret, Social Clubs, Summer Shows, working for Thomsons Holidays and for the past 3 years starring in Pat Terry’s very popular production shows, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Inter City Express’, ‘West End Spectacular’ and ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’.

Roger has an infectious sense of humour; he is very likeable, hardworking, conscientious and reliable, attributes that make him very popular with Agents, Venues and fellow Artistes alike.

Rudi West
Courtesy Paul Bridson
Multi-Award winning comedian Rudi West’s experiences in comedy have taken in T.V. appearances on “New Faces 86”, “Live At Her Majesties” and “Summertime Special” in the eighties and his own T.V. special “Stand And Deliver” in the nineties. During this time he has also performed countless live one man shows around the U.K. and abroad...his ability to tailor his act and material to a given audience has seen him move effortlessly into the cruise, corporate and after dinner market. Now established as a firm favourite on the Thomson’s Gold Mediterranean circuit having toured these venues for the last two summers. Rudi again scored very heavily in his recent (December 2004) appearance on Granada TV’s “That’s Entertainment”, leading to further TV in 2005. Rudi has wowed international audiences cruising on "The Emerald", "Island Escape" and "Ocean Village" both in the Mediterranean and The Caribbean in 2004 and 2005. His original brand of humour blends the observational and topical seamlessly

Award winning Northern comedy showgroup

Seth Shildon
Kind permission Roger Davies
Born in the North East, Seth has been a professional comedian for the past 18 years.
Starting off on talent shows, he then progressed into one half of a double act, until finally becoming a stand up comic in his own right. He worked at top cabaret venues throughout the mid seventies and eighties such as Talk Of The North, Jollees in Stoke, The Cresta in Solihull and various others before they vanishes from the scene.
With a particular interest in sport, namely racing, Seth has developed his style to suit the After Dinner market, and has appeared alongside some of the greatest sporting names in history.
He has starred in summer seasons in Jersey, worked with the Armed Forces in Germany, and travelled all over the world, working to packed audiences supporting some of the biggest celebrities. He also has a wealth of experience in TV work, and has appeared in such series as Blackadder, Emmerdale, Spender, Heartbeat, and When The Boat Comes In, to name but a few.
At home in a laid back cabaret atmosphere, or the more demanding stag nights and fun pubs, Seth is capable of handling any type of situation presented to him.


Sensational touring comedy duo


Spence Martin
A big hit on the night was comedian Spence Martin, whose quirky throwaway style was hugely popular with the audience.

This Londoner, now resident in the Valleys, provides just the right kind of ‘on the edge’ comedy that is best appreciated in the broader confines of club land.

However, the best compliment I can pay to Martin is that he did not remind me of anyone else, which has to be good if you involved in this field.

Mark Richie - "The Stage & Television Today"

Spence also presents a different show suitable for cruises.

In addition to his comedy show, Spence is an accomplished vocalist who can add guitar to his repertoire.


Stan Johns
Brilliant comic from Hull, Stan is now based in Blackpool where he is already a legend, and his Swansea base.

Watch Stan


Steve Saint
Wales' Top Vocal & Comedy Star. Steve has appeared at top venues all over the UK with his own brand of comedy,together with superb vocals with material ranging from Chip Hawkes, George Michael, Beatles, Police, Boyzone, Take That, Crowded House,Lighthouse Family through to all time classics

See Steve perform on ITV's Classy Acts programme, courtesy Andy Bryce Productions

Steve can perform stand up, vocals or a mixture of both.

Currently touring with Joe Longthorne, Steve has recenltly featured in a promotional video for the Manic Street Preachers due for release September 2013

Steve Tandy
Kind permission Roger Davies
Steve is now into his 20th year as a professional comedian entertainer and has become very popular as an after dinner speaker, due to his ability to tailor his material to the audiences in front of him. His impressions of everyone from television stars and sporting personalities, mixed with gags and stories about his career, gives you a speaker with a difference. From the stars of Coronation Street to Jim Davison, Jethro, Julian Clary - and his hilarious tribute to Rolf Harris, his act has got to be seen to be believed.

A keen golfer, Steve has participated in many Corporate and Company golf days, taking part in the golf on the day, and using the events of the day as part of his speech after the dinner. His impressions of Alex Hey, Peter Allis and Seve Ballesteros go down particularly well. Steve will also, if asked, present the prize giving, with hilarious results, which only add to the enjoyment of the day. Steve has entertained at golf days for: Birmingham City, Northampton Town, Calor Gas, Allibert, J.B.S., Norflex, A.N.C., Rexham and many, many others.

.Steve's talents have taken him far afield including Singapore, for a dinner for Tim Muntons' benefit year, Monte Carlo for Lloyds T.S.B., Belize, Holland and Germany for Company dinners and golf days. But one of his favourite moments was speaking at a dinner in the House Of Lords in Andy Mole’s benefit year.

He is also very popular at sportsmen's dinners, and has also worked with many of the top sports personalities on the after dinner circuit and at conferences. At conferences, Steve has been engaged, and provided, a light-hearted ending to the day's events.So, in conclusion, if you require a speaker with a difference, along with a wealth of experience, then Steve Tandy is for you!

"Brilliant - especially the impressions" - Peter McGovern, Head Professional at the Belfry.
"It only goes to show what a good comedian you are to put on a show like that and not use swear words or crude language - Secretary Cleeve Cloud GC.
"Thanks for entertaining our guests so well in the departure lounge and during the flight" - M Nelson, British Airways.
"You helped make our evening one to be remembered" - Peterborough Rotary Club.


Simon Ashley


Sue Sweeny
FUNNYGIRL Sue Sweeney entertains thousands of listeners to her radio show on BBC Radio Newcastle every Saturday morning.

The Durham City lass is no stranger to comedy, with a clubland career stretching back to the 1970s.

She started her career as a singer, influenced by her granddad John Simpson, who was concert chairman at Brandon Workingmen’s Club.

Sue recalls: "My grandad used to stand me on a stool in the house in Durham and hand me a skipping rope. That was my first microphone."

Sue showed promise and was put on the books of Olive Daunt, a singing coach and drama teacher.

She joined a band of prison officers, known as Long Stretch, singing 50s-type band songs, in the clubs and at dinner dances.

At 16 she joined a pop band, singing Abba tunes, and later teamed up with Lynne Smith to form one of the first female double-acts in the North East, Cobweb.

It was after the birth of one of her daughters, Rachel, on January 4, 1986, that Sue decided to go it alone on stage.

She says: "The comedy came into it when I was pregnant. It was after Rachel was born that I decided to go full-time as a solo entertainer.

"I wanted to be self-contained and I wanted to be my own boss."

She adds: "The clubs have always been a very male-dominated profession, but I never had any trouble.

"I got a lot of encouragement from one of club land’s biggest names, Walter Gee, who should really have been a big star.

"For me turning to comedy was a natural progression from being a singer."

Sue travelled the world with her comedy act and has been named North East comedy artiste of the year more than once.

She has worked in television drama and comedy and her only regret is that she never landed a part in one of the TV soaps.

It was doing a live interview for radio that sparked her interest in taking to the airwaves.

Sue, a mother-of-three, now manages to juggle three jobs – a club entertainer, a radio presenter and a sales executive with Vic Young’s in South Shields.

She says: "I wear different hats. I feel blessed that I have been able to do different jobs, all of which I enjoy.

Tank Sherman
West Country comedian Tank Sherman presented some very clever material, including an inspired sight gag with a snooker cue. His real strength is the material, much of which sounds pretty original to me - a genuinely funny guy with his own brand of inspired lunacy. Showcall Showcase 2004

Watch Tank

Terry Joyce
Sensational comedy entertainer from the North East

Tom Pepper
Brilliant TV and recording comic from Liverpool

Award winning Welsh comedy showgroup. The band were originally formed in 1974 by Lyn Mittel (who later became Owen Money). They toured extensively in the UK and Europe, winning many comedy awards along the way. Over the years band members have come and gone, the most famous being Brian Conley

Triple Cream
First class London based comedy showgroup

Wendy Kane
Selected dates only as Wendy has numerous projects and private work on the go.

Wendy is the undisputed Queen of Welsh comedy, as well as being rated Wales' No 1 vocalist.

She is now rated as one of the top UK cabaret attractions.

Exciting times ahead!

See Wendy perform for us on ITV's Classy Acts programme, courtesy Andy Bryce Productions

Watch World In Union - This is how it should be sung!

Zak Stevens
Kind permission Roger Davies
Think daft, zany comedy, and think Zak Stevens. Freddie Starr, but for a lot less money!
Whatever the situation, Zak never fails to impress; in cabaret, the full show will suit most adult audiences, yet with only a trace of innuendo. For after dinner functions, his stand up routine will have you in stitches.

A keen golfer (he plays off 12), Zak has been a massive hit on the celebrity golf tour, and is also a member of the Comedians’ Golfing Society. He is equally at home in both all male and mixed environments.

Zak entered showbusiness as a member of the band “The Internationals,” and, following a stint with “Fashion Fever”, he progressed into comedy, forming the duo “Twins.” After a number of very successful years touring Europe and making a name for themselves over here, he finally made the decision to go solo. Nowadays, Zak tours the length of the country and has twice won the coveted “Midlands Comedy Entertainer of The Year” trophy.

A fully professional artiste, Zak will always arrive on time, time carries the latest in sound systems, and is very easy to get along with. He has been known to remain on stage for over 1½hours, but then he was determined to get one laugh that evening…….
More recently, he has secured another summer season working on the Butlins circuit, and has returned from Costa Del Sol in Spain, with an open invite to go back whenever he wants. He is also a regular on the Cruise Circuit.

Recent Quotes

“Zak is a very very good comedian”

“...but our comic for the night Zak Stevens brought the house down. A truly great comic at his best. Thanks Zak.”

“Zak Stevens. A very funny guy who had the members in the palm of his hand from start to finish. Here is a guy who outs a lot of effort into his act to keep you in stitches. Off stage he is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. Best of luck, mate.”

“A giant frame, and a monster of a comedian from sunny Sheffield, who bounded on stage and scored big belly laughs with the Carcroft crowd. Some of the usual gags cropped up, yet after his initial warming up of the audience, his delivery went into supersonic mode. He worked the audience up into a frenzy of hysterics as his act drew to a close. Remember the name, Zak Stevens.”
ADS&C Ltd are the sole representatives for Zack Stevens