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FAQ Venues Booking Direct…BEWARE!! Recognised trade associations in the entertainment industry are aware of the social media explosion and whilst they are recommending their members to embrace and utilise the facilities, they would also like to highlight the pitfalls to hirers who have or are considering booking artistes direct. Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd have been members of The Agents Association (Great Britain) Ltd since 1991. Director Neville Williams FEAA has been a fellow member since 1994 You might be mistaken into thinking that by booking the act directly you will save money by cutting out the middle-man – the agent – but you would be wrong. Agencies can almost always book an artiste at a significantly cheaper fee as they have all important ‘booking-power’ – something which a private individual doesn’t. Of course, booking through an agent is usually a sign of quality, as Hawthorn Entertainment carefully audition and select only the best managed acts for our clients. Other benefits aside from quality and value are an assurance to the booker that the event will be correctly contracted, publicity support provided and current legislation is followed to the letter regarding Public Liability Insurance and PAT testing. The most important benefit of all about using Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd is our comprehensive out-of-hours service, supplying back-up and support in the dreaded event of an artiste breaking down or falling ill. We will be there to assist in covering the event to the best of our ability. So rather than surf the internet looking through hundreds of act’s websites, use our wealth of experience to make your event as safe, successful and cost-effective as possible. With Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd, you are in safe hands. Things are not as simple as they seem: This report has reached a leading trade association from a member agent: The agent has had experience of arranging bookings at a major hotel for many years in Eastbourne. This hotel, over a period of several years, booked several acts direct & paid from petty cash. The Hotel was unable to confirm to HM Revenue & Customs, the real names and addresses of acts / bands booked as many acts / bands had given false names to secure payment. As a result, this venue was liable to Tax equating to 25% of each booking that they could not account for dating back six years plus 25% penalty amounting to £250,000 in total. All venues/hirers booking acts directly are required to comply with Section 16 of Taxes Management Act 1970. Click here for details Failure to supply information as required is a criminal offence. For further information on tax matters, click here Under The Conduct of Employment Agencies & Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, Entertainment Agencies are legally bound to keep this information for venues that they book. If that hotel had used an entertainment agency that was recognised as part of a trade body, none of the above would apply to the hotel… Buyer beware – Is the artist giving you all the legally required documentation and paperwork?
Crackdown over Cyber Scams The Government is investing £4.3 million to focus on fake products, ticket scams and traders hiding their identity to avoid giving consumer redress. This also applies to agents, some existing only on social networking sites with a mobile number, false email address and no trading address. Check consumer rights Child Performer Licensing laws These are due to be overhauled in an attempt to achieve parity between the regions. Check child performers licensing laws Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate: Rogue Agents There are many new agents setting up with no regard for the law. The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate, who monitor these agents, has published their mission enforcement policy statement. Details from: Complaints Download this guide DTI Regulations URGENT TO ALL AGENTS / HIRERS / VENUES / CLIENTS New regulations came into force on Tuesday 6th April 2004 It is imperative that you are aware to the changes to the legislation which will affect all AGENTS / HIRERS / VENUES & CLIENTS. All agents MUST ensure that they have a copy of the Statutory instrument 2003 No. 3319 The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 The Regulations can be viewed on this link Produced in conjunction with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and Equity, this guidance (159Kb) provides information on The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 All venues and clients are advised to ensure that agents that they deal with comply with the regulations to protect them from possible legal action against them. Agents that comply are usually those who have taken the trouble to join trade associations such as The Agents Association (Great Britain Ltd of which Neville Williams FEAA is a fellow member) and The National Entertainment Agents Council (NEAC). We are longstanding members of both organisations. These organisations regularly advise the government department responsible for policing this regulation of agents in each area that they believe are breaking the law. At present, they have advised the inspectors of at least 65 agencies in Wales alone who are committing offences. Penalties for agents or persons trading as agents that do not comply with this legislation Up to £5000 fine per incident and up to 10 years ban from running an agency. The advice Agency Standards to agents is: Comply or shut immediately!!
Artist Registration If you are an artist wishing to submit information, you can submit your details to us using our registration form. Are You a NEW Act? Register here (Click) Already Registered? update your availability here (Click) YOUR AVAILABILITY Acts - Update Your Diary here