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Weddings Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd provides the best wedding entertainment all year round and with a Managing Director that has been a member of many bands from covers, 9-piece Soul Bands to 11-piece function & dance bands we can claim some expertise in this area. Don’t forget that all ages attend weddings. That is why it is often suggested that an artiste, disco or band that are capable of many styles from 60’s to modern chart is a suitable choice. Where the budget dictates that a Disco is more suitable, we have a large range of specialists available. Send a list of your favourite songs and they will be played. Also available are such services as classical music for the ceremony or reception, which could include a solo Harpist or Pianist, a string quartet with many other options. Booking entertainment for a wedding can be a stressful and time consuming experience. We are here to make this process as smooth as possible for you to select the right entertainment to make your day extra special. For a free, no obligation quote, please call us now on 01656 662835 where a specialist member of our team will be happy to help. A few reasons to book your wedding entertainment through Hawthorn * Fellow member of the Agents Assocation of Great Britain (FEAA) * Member of the Federation Of Small Businesses * Best Competitive Rates Guaranteed * Established family business for 30 years with expert advisors * Full Emergency cover & back up service provided on all bookings * Secure bookings with industry approved contracts * Fast response to your entertainment enquiry * We are one of the largest and most respected entertainment agencies in the UK Questions & Answers Q. How do I choose the right artiste for my wedding? A. This site contains many artistes featuring different styles from all over the UK. Many of these contain audio clips, photos and video clips. If you see an artiste that interests you, contact us for song lists, testimonials etc where available Q. Do you have experienced entertainment advisers that specialise in wedding entertainment? A. Yes, we have been booking Wedding Entertainment for 30 years. Ask for Anita or Joanne Q. Can I see artiste perform live before I book? A. This is not always possible because artistes can cover long distances in the course of their work. We can only hope to provisionally hold a date for a few days. Artistes perform at many weddings and functions throughout the UK and these may not be open to the public for obvious reasons. It may be quite a while before they have a booking that you can view them at. By then, the artiste may not be available on your chosen date leading to disappointment. Q. How secure is my booking? A. Hawthorn Entertainment use industry approved contracts that are legally binding and cannot be cancelled except in the case of a fatality, illness, force majeure, war, act of god etc. Full terms will appear on the contract Q. Why book with an agency when I could book directly with the artiste? A. Amongst others, please see a few reasons to book your wedding entertainment with us. Despite what is commonly believed, artistes are not necessarily cheaper by booking direct! More often than not they would be performing many bookings with us per year, giving us buying power to secure the most competitive price. Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd is a full time professional organisation that books and deals with artistes in a structured capacity every day of the year. Artistes have a responsibility to us when performing our reputation and to adhere to our codes of conduct. A direct booking with an artiste may not be contracted which could lead to them not turning up, or cancelling to accept a better/higher priced booking.
We are fellow members (FEAA) of The Agents Association of Great Britain, The largest of its kind and adhere to a strict code of conduct. Q. What happens if the artiste cancels due to illness/accident? A. As live entertainment is human, they can be ill, the same as anyone else. Written evidence, e.g. medical note, breakdown report etc would be required from the artiste within 7 days. We will then, through our national network of artistes and agents, seek to offer a similar standard artiste as a replacement. We operate a full emergency standby service 365 days of the year, where one of our principals will do everything possible to provide the best solution to any problems that may occur Q. Can I speak with the artiste directly before my Wedding? A. Once you have booked your entertainment with us you can update our office at any time with any extras etc for example, first dance, wedding itinerary etc. These will all be forwarded and confirmed with your chosen wedding entertainer. As the contract is between you and the artiste, you would then like to speak directly and this can be arranged a few weeks before the wedding. Q. Do I have to pay a deposit? A. In order to secure your booking, Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd will require a small deposit (usually approximately 20% + vat of the total fee). This deposit is non-refundable. However, If the artiste cancels due to illness/accident/fatality we will seek to offer a suitable, replacement artiste(s). If you decide not to accept the replacement(s) offered, then we will refund 50% of your deposit paid. Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd will retain the remaining 50% deposit balance towards our administration costs in maintaining the booking. Q. What Payment methods do you accept? A. We accept cheques, postal orders, BACS payments and direct payments into our business account. Q. When do I pay the balance owed? A. Methods vary. Some artistes require payment in full prior to your event, other artistes are happy to accept payment on arrival on the night. This will be agreed when the booking is made and will be stipulated on your contract. Some wedding couples prefer to have the payment out of the way prior to the event and others prefer to pay on the night Q. How Secure is any balance payment I make to Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd A. Any balance payments for artistes are held as required by English Law in our client account. This will be held in our account till immediately after your wedding when the payment will be forwarded to the artiste within 3 days. Hawthorn Entertainment Ltd has now been trading for 30 years and is a highly reputable business with an unblemished financial history. We offer a great selection of wedding entertainment packages to suit all tastes and budgets from your favourite pub band that will put on a clean pair of jeans for the occasion to the in-demand very expensive function bands that can pick their bookings – they really are that good!! Contact Jo for a quote on 01656 662835.
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